Always look over both shoulders. Never meet a
woman’s eyes unless you know your blade is better
than her husband’s. And never, ever turn your back
on a challenge. You won’t get an opportunity to turn
around again. Vodacce is a place where every careless
word, every second glance, every misstep could be
fatal. It is not a safe place for the reckless.

With the exception of some low, swampy land
to the west—prime for rice and other specialized
farming—most of mainland Vodacce is mountainous
regions, difficult to farm, but perfect for mining. The
west is low and near the water, the land crisscrossed
with small streams and rivers. Meanwhile, the east is
rocky, dotted with mining communities that eventually
give way to marshes south of the Sarmatian
Commonwealth on the Pióro Peninsula.

The land is divided into territories controlled by the
seven Merchant Princes, each with his own resources
and guards watching the borders. Treachery is
commonplace in Vodacce. Trusting a cousin is the
equivalent of giving him the knife that ends up in
your back.

Vodacce was once the seat of the Old Empire’s
capital. Its streets bustled with senators, merchants
and soldiers all going about their business. Its buildings
echoed with their debates, and its libraries
overflowed with the collected knowledge of a
thriving Republic.

Now, several hundred years after the fall of that
Empire, the capital city stands empty and silent. The
land on which it stands belongs to the Princes who
have turned their backs on debate in favor of subterfuge,
and turned the great cities into their own miniature
kingdoms scattered along the peninsula. Better in
Vodacce to be king of your own hill than to share the
rule of a mountain with other men. But better still to
be king of that mountain.

Each of the seven Princes controls a different aspect
of the country’s economy and a different export. One
makes the finest wine in TheĢah, another boasts the
best craftsmen. Vincenzo Caligari holds the greatest
collection of Syrneth artifacts on the continent, and
Gespucci Bernoulli controls the most profitable trade
routes to the Crescent Empire.


7th Sea 2nd Edition: An Unexpected Uprising drogmir