Founded by one of the oldest of the Old Empire’s
families, Castille has been shaped by many forces. It
shared an alliance with the Crescent Empire, warred
with Avalon and Montaigne, and currently houses
the heart of the Vaticine Church. However, despite
hundreds of years of invasions—military and otherwise—
the heart of Castille has never changed. It was,
is and always will be a nation devoted to its people.

The most important recent event in Castille’s history
is the surprise invasion from Montaigne in 1664.
While Castille was able to throw off the Montaigne
forces, their success was not without cost. Farms
were destroyed, lives lost. Half a generation of young
men was killed, maimed and crippled fighting off the
ambitions of Montaigne’s self-appointed “Emperor.”
Castille is teetering and ready to fall.

Geographically, Castille is situated on prime real
estate. It has rich mines, fertile soil and well-stocked
oceans; its people have never wanted for food or
supplies. Until recently. Its winters are short and tepid
and its summers are long and temperate. Castille’s
previous agricultural efforts hampered the productivity
of its farmlands, but the Church’s knowledge
has changed all of that. In fact, the Church’s organizational
efforts turned Castille into an economic
powerhouse. Until recently.

The Sandoval family sits on the throne of Castille,
while its countrysides are divided into counties ruled
by Castille’s upper class called Grandes de Castille.
A Grande governs a land grant or concesión for the
King, collecting taxes and administering justice. Due
to Church sanctioning, the concesiones are distributed
equally, and the Grandes are each responsible
for housing and maintaining an equal portion of the
King’s army. The King of Castille recently passed away,
leaving his twelve-year-old son on the throne. Dubbed
“Good King Sandoval” by one of the more famous
court poets, the boy has held the country together for
four years—far longer than his detractors predicted.
While the King of Castille is nominally the supreme
ruler of his Kingdom, it is no secret that his council of
Church advisors powerfully influences his decisions.
Others have plotted treason against the Good King,
but three assassination attempts have failed, due
largely in part to the efforts of the mysterious figure
known only as El Vagabundo. The masked vigilante
has proven to be more than a match for those who
plot against the crown of Castille, although his efforts
may yet be in vain.

With the King surrounded by clerics and advisors—
unable to speak to the Grandes—the hierarchy is
breaking down. Corrupt officials graft more taxes for themselves, putting less back into the upkeep of the Nation. Basic systems are falling apart. And Good
King Sandoval is almost powerless to stop it.


7th Sea 2nd Edition: An Unexpected Uprising drogmir