Gwillim Davies

Avalon Courtier



Gwillim Davies is from the Glamour Isles of Avalon and is currently residing in the Sarmatian Commonwealth, attending to their courts to observe their politics post Golden Liberty. However if one were to question him about his relationship with the Avalon crown he would reluctantly admit that he is but a lower noble hailing from Avalon and not an actual representative of Queen Elaine’s court.

That being said he still carries himself with a certain dignified clout and an air of mystery that would mark a stereotypical ambassador from Avalon.

While in many of the courts he visits find his presence enjoyable due to his personal charisma and the exotic nature he brings to the courts, many question behind his back why he is even attending the Sarmatian courts, as they are considered to be rather curt compared to the more elaborate courts of the west.

Gwillim Davies

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