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  • Petras Balkus

    Petras Balkas is a Curonian, born within the [[The Sarmatian Commonwealth | Sarmatian Commonwealth]] alongside his twin sister [[:estera-balkus | Estera Balkus]] to a merchant family specializing in trade with the Crescent Empire. They both grew up in the …

  • André du Fabien

    Born to wealthy Montaigne nobles with the gift of Porté and with considerable academic talent, it appeared on the surface that André du Fabien had it all. Power, privilege, money – almost anything a Thean could ask for was within reach for him, and yet he …

  • Vito Rossi

    Vito is the only son of a wealthy merchant from [[Vodacce | Vodacce]] named Luca Rossi, and the youngest child of seven. His mother Maria ran the household while her husband was at sea. Maria is a devout Vaticine instilled within her are the beliefs and …

  • Brona

    [[File:643812 | class=media-item-align-left | st.jpg]] Hailing from [[Avalon | Avalon]] not much is known about this master pugilist other than her enthusiasm to fight and her tendency to find herself in dangerous situations.