7th Sea 2nd Edition: An Unexpected Uprising

Meeting the Ataman
Session 2: King of Kings

When we last left our heroes, they had been tasked with infiltrating the newly arrived raider encampment by the Obsidian Band's leader Tamfana Aldawolfa, under the cover of night.

They were however intercepted by advanced scouting parties and escorted to the main camp of the dreaded Ataman Stanislaw Bielec.

Luckily Guillaume d’Aquitaine so happened to spot an old friend in the court of the Ataman, who gave them some advice on how to handle their upcoming conversation with him. The Ataman had no patience for fools such as the men the party had met in the village earlier, but he was pleased by the party's willingness to pick up certain open contracts that the Khazari needed.

The party agree to two of his contracts, the first being a way to stop the constant raids and harassment of the south due to Count Lorenzo Gilraldi, mainly by scouting out the Count's main estate for areas of weakness.

The second was to take a proclamation by the Ataman himself to the Parliament of the Sarmation Commonwealth and to read aloud the Ataman's intentions.

The party agreed to both and soon reunited with the Obsidian Band. They were harasses by members of the Crimson Legion working for the count, but otherwise made it to the capital of the Commonwealth, where they were told to wait for the Crown Prince to arrange an audience.

No sooner than they had arrived, members from the circle showed up to drag away Petras Balkus. Petras's only advice to the group before his incarceration was to find his sister, Estera Balkus. 

A Town in Terror
Session 1

Within the periphery of the Sarmatian Commonwealth, our heroes came upon an unusual sight. Billows of black smoke arising from the horizon. 

Upon closer inspection they found that an entire village had been razed and celebrating within the town square were 5 unusually dressed bandits. 

After a quick duel for the fate of the town, the leader of this particular group of bandits was left impressed enough to extended an invitation to the party to join their band in the north. In return the bandits released the few villagers they still held hostage and departed back towards their camp.

Soon afterwards an Eisen merc unit called The Obsidian Band arrived. After clearing up a misunderstanding the Obsidian Band's leader Tamfana Aldawolfa told the party of her intentions to resupply within the Commonwealth on behalf of the Commonwealth's crown prince.

She then tasked the party to see if they could meet with this unknown army of the north and report back to her. They would wait in the ruined remains of the village for a small while before departing.  


The Gateway to the East
A Village Under Siege

What is normally a quiet village at the borders of where Ussura and the Sarmatian Commonwealth meet. 

Something nefarious is afoot.


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