Vito Rossi

Vodacce Captain




Vito is the only son of a wealthy merchant from Vodacce named Luca Rossi, and the youngest child of seven. His mother Maria ran the household while her husband was at sea. Maria is a devout Vaticine instilled within her are the beliefs and convictions that she passed onto her children. All the while treating the Fate Witches with respect.

Vito has always been a strong willed child, this has lead him into some troublesome situations with his parents as well as the local city guards.

This all came to a head at the age of 16 when Vito decided to work as a Jenny. While increasing his ability to “charm” the local men and women. Vito kept his new profession as a secret from his family for about a year, until he was discovered by his father’s business partner. Unfortunately for Vito, his father happened to walk in on him while he was engaged with a male clientele. His father Luca beat his son Vito to near death, giving him a scar above his right eye.

Luca could not bring himself to banish his only heir but instead decided to make a man out of him. Luca never told his wife about what Vito was doing but he would never look at his son the same way again. From that night forward, Vito joined his father on his ship The Pride of Trento Luca taught his son how to shoot and sail in addition to being his first mate with the end goal of becoming the ship’s captain upon inheritance.

The following decade Luca and Vito sailed together until being attacked by a personal business rival of Vito’s. This attack left Vito stranded in a foreign land with a ship and without his father. The only thing left of his father that Vito could save was his personal pistol.

Wounded and lost, Vito was granted shelter by an Ussuran noble woman who took pity on his state. It was love at first sight for Vito Rossi Later she too would fall for his charms and become his wife, Natasha. Her parents however were dead set against the marriage and so the two eloped back to Vito’s family estate in Vodacce.

Vito is now 28 and is trying to rebuild his family’s wealth as well as their rightful place in history.

Vito Rossi

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