Stanislaw Bielec

Rebel Sarmatian Aristocrat



Leader of the The Khazari Uprising Army

Dressed in traditional Khazari styled clothing.

Sometimes referred to as the Ataman.


Stanislaw Bielec is a Sarmatian Aristocrat who fled the Commonwealth after the Golden Liberty vote took place. Now culturally ingrained and influencing traditionalists in Ussura, he has convinced a portion of their fragmented aristocrats to support his attempted takeover of the Sarmatian Commonwealth.

He has now returned with a loose coalition of vested forces (made up of Khazari, Ussurans, Eisen Mercenaries, and even rumored Cathayan horsemen tribes) and has promised a sizable chunk of land to the ethnic “Khazari” if his takeover is successful.

He believed that the veto power of the former aristocracy made the Commonwealth weak. Ironically he was one of the few aristocrats who was a staunch supporter of the king. Now that even more people can vote he believes a complete overhaul of the government is needed. Not necessarily a king but someone with similar absolute power similar to Montaigne to guide the commonwealth with a strong hand.

Stanislaw Bielec

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