Petras Balkus

Curonian Winged Hussar



Brawn 3
Finesse 4
Resolve 2
Wits 2
Panache 2


Petras Balkas is a Curonian, born within the Sarmatian Commonwealth alongside his twin sister Estera Balkus to a merchant family specializing in trade with the Crescent Empire. They both grew up in the town of Memel a prosperous town on the edge of Curonia and the Crescent Empire.

This afforded him and his sister surprisingly comfortable lifestyles growing up in a country deadlocked by aristocratic nobles.

At a young age he aspired to join the Sarmatian military from the 1/3 dedicated Curonian forces that made up the Sarmatian army. Partially because he desired it but also as a way to differentiate himself from his “booksmart” sister despite their similarly well rounded education. Where she would aspire to become a famed duelist and dabble in the politics of the country. He would serve as an example of what the Curonians could bring to the Commonwealth military alliance.

Through tireless training he made it to the elite Winged Hussars of the Sarmatian army and had a bright but brief career in it, until the unexpected happened.

While returning from a campaign at the news that the Sarmatian King had now made the Commonwealth a true democracy through a technical loophole (Golden Liberty), Petras ran upon one of the fabled devas of his homeland.

A game of wits was played, with Petras as the apparent winner. Now bounded to a deva and classified as a losejas by practicing Sanderis, Petras was forced to be kept under watch by Ratas, (the Circle).

His sister, however was now a considerable member of the lower house voting parliament population. She used her considerable political insight and maneuvering to look after Petras from afar. Despite her lowered status she still managed to use her intrigued and subterfuge to move the political discourse to that of benefiting Curonians everywhere.

This along with Petras’s time as a Winged Hussar has granted him considerable leeway within the Circle. He has since become a Purifier (“Valytuvas”) tasked with the mission of hunting rogue losejas. Thus he is allowed to leave the Commonwealth, but if he does not report back within a certain time frame he would be considered a rogue losejas himself. In many ways he is living on borrowed time, whether it is from his own deva or the circle.

Petras Balkus

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