Lorenzo Giraldi

Powerful Northern Vodacce Aristocrat




Count Lorenzo Giraldi is a cunning Vodacce noble who has inherited a sizable estate at the very northern tip of Vodacce lands. Although he swears loyalty to his current prince he is playing the great game under the ever watchful eyes of his rivals. Instead of engaging against his fellow Vodacce he has instead looked to the north towards the ripe lands of Ussura and the Sarmatian Commonwealth. Over the past few years that he has come to power, he has taken advantage of the chaotic status quo of both those nations to seize “refugees” and “disputed land” for himself under the guise of paid Eisen mercenary peacekeeping troops fighting bandits.

The only reason he has been allowed to do so, is the lack of any armed response at the fringes of the nations and the fear that any true reprisals against his technically legal right would transform into a costly border dispute for which there is little to be won by either side.

Still, his private Vodacce armies line the borders protecting vital land trade routes to and from Vodacce. He is constantly followed and protected by his famed “Legionnaires” clad in dashing crimson gold colors mimicking the Numa empire of old. While many feel that his over confidence will be his downfall, those that know him best know that it is one of Lorenzo’s vital strengths.

Lorenzo Giraldi

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