Guillaume d'Aquitaine

Montaigne "Deadly Dandy"


Guillaume d’Aquitaine is a peculiar nobleman, even by the skewed standards of the Montaigne. He dresses rather extravagantly and is called by others in court the “Dandy Duke.” He is often the life of the party, regaling others with stories of breached etiquette and misadventures on his travels abroad. Yet despite his reputation within the courts, not many know the personal history of M. Aquitaine. And the little information that can be gleaned amidst Guillaume’s dismissals of his “boring genteel life” seems to change with each telling or be contradicted at a whim.

Not everything is as it seems with Guillaume. Though he is well versed with his silver tongue, he is equally if not more deft with his steel blade. Guillaume wears the long coats and powdered wigs to hide the many scars he’s gained serving as spy and saboteur for his beloved Emperor. Perhaps he should be better known as the “Deadly Dandy.”

Brawn: 2
Finesse: 3
Resolve: 2
Wits: 2
Panache: 3

Loyalty: I am the sword of L’Empereur!
Goal: To complete the mission entrusted to me.

Virtue: The Witch – May as a single yes or no question about an NPC to the DM each session. The DM must answer truthfully

Hubris: Unfortunate – Gain 2 HP when I choose to fail an important Risk.

Courtier: Gain HP when turning violence with flair.

Duelist: Gain HP when resorting to the edge of a blade to defend a noble ideal.

An Honest Misunderstanding: spend HP to “reinterpret” what I or another hero just said.
Friend at Court: Spend HP to reveal I have a close friend in attendance at court.

Duelist Academy: Valroux Style

Joie de Vivre: Say something witty before a confrontation with the Villain. Every die Heroes roll equal to or under their skill rank count as 10’s.

Linguist: The broken 1-point skill everyone should have for obvious reasons.

Direction Sense: Never lost, even if I don’t know where I am or where I’m going. Wait…what? Isn’t that the definition of being lost?



Guillaume d'Aquitaine

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