Estera Balkus

Curonian Duelist and Politician of Izba Poselska


Estera Balkus grew up in the town of Memel within the Curonian part of the Sarmatian Commonwealth. Her parents were well off traders who dealt with Crescent Empire goods, they were rich and influential enough to afford a quality education for Estera and her twin brother Petras Balkus.

Although she and her brother were very close they drifted apart when it came to career opportunities. Petras signed into the Sarmatian military fairly early on while she focused more with helping their parents manage the shop and cultivating her own interest in the various Duelist schools across Theah. During her spare time she became something of a prodigy with the blade and an accomplished duelist with no less than three schools under her belt.

It was once suggested in jest by a family friend that perhaps she should have entered the military and have had Petras stay behind to look after the family. Needless to say that the person in question is no longer considered to be a family friend and still has the scars from Estera’s blade to prove it.

Already an influential local Curonian citizen when the king of the Commonwealth declared Golden Liberty. She was one of the first to organize the newly declared “nobles” into a sizable force for the lower parliament. Her considerable background in managing finances and fencing became just as useful as her oratory skills when it came to supporting her newly created Curonian voting bloc. During her time in the parliament she has shamed many upper nobles who have attempted to push her out of her influential position via duels and other means of pressure. Her continued prevalence has proven her ability to have a sharp mind when it comes to legislation.

These days she is often seen in the Sarmatian capital managing various policies that the lower houses (Izba Poselska) wish to push through. She does not see her parents nor her brother often these days. Rumor is though, that she has other means of insuring their continued prosperity despite their lack of physical proximity.

Estera Balkus

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