Tamfana Adalwolfa

Eisen Mercenary Leader




Tamfana is a young Eisen krieger leading a mercenary warband (The Obsidian Band) operating within the western boundaries of the The Sarmatian Commonwealth and the northern boundaries of Vodacce. Taking jobs from both Vodacce princes and Sarmatian coffers, her band is given relatively free reign to achieve objectives crucial to her given employer at the time.

Although she was technically too young to have seen much of the War of the Cross she grew up with in its aftermath and decided that better fortunes for Eisen lay outside of the country. While most of her family stayed behind in Eisen fighting off the invading creatures of the night. Tamfana hopes to siphon off mercenary money and channel it back into rebuilding Eisen.

As such she has been the head of her particular band for only a short time, inheriting its leadership in lieu of her father Johann Adalwolfa (who has returned to Eisen). Despite her inexperience her inherited warband of experienced Eisen mercenaries already respect her ability to lead and in many ways the warband is prospering far more under her leadership than it even did under Johann. Mostly by playing off the competing governments over their contract renewals, profitable arrangements have been made. Due to the instability of the region there are no signs of the warband stopping anytime soon.

Tamfana Adalwolfa

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