André du Fabien

Montaigne Scholar


Born to wealthy Montaigne nobles with the gift of Porté and with considerable academic talent, it appeared on the surface that André du Fabien had it all. Power, privilege, money – almost anything a Thean could ask for was within reach for him, and yet he was profoundly unhappy.

Put quite simply, he did not have a life to call his own.

Fabien quickly found that money cannot buy love, or indeed friends, and though he excelled in the classroom, he struggled in the glamorous but cold and treacherous environment of the Montaigne court. To make matters worse, the cutthroat matriarch of the du Fabien family, Claudette, controlled almost every aspect of his life. Anything he was allowed to do in public was only under her watchful eye. He was rich, yes, but utterly alone in the world, a prisoner in a gilded cage.

The final straw was a hastily arranged engagement to Isabeau de la Quintefeuille, a beautiful and wealthy heiress to a sizable chunk of lucrative farming territory. Claudette had surmised that her black sheep of a son would have little chance of romancing a lady acceptable to her standards and had summarily decided to take matters into her own hands. Fabien, for his part, only needed to meet the woman once to realize with horror that she was a complete and utter dullard.

In the dead of the night, and after taking a sum of money and valuables for himself, he ran.

For a while, he sustained himself translating minor religious works from Eisen into Montaigne. Though he made a decent living, he found this to be dull and degrading work because of his own status as a freethinker. Slowly he began to dream – his family had controlled him continually. He would take back control from them by becoming a famous hero spoken of in awed whispers throughout all of Theah. Finally he would have the respect and admiration he wanted and deserved, and even better, the du Fabien legacy would cease to belong to Renard and Claudette, instead becoming synonymous with his own memory. He would eclipse them all!

Fabien had enough money to safely pursue an adventure. He was also armed with his books and his cutting wit. What he didn’t have was a plan. Or allies. Or physical prowess. Or indeed, any experience as an adventurer…

But a hero, especially one as talented as himself, always finds a way.



André du Fabien

7th Sea 2nd Edition: An Unexpected Uprising Cswift