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The year is 1668 and the world of Theah is rapidly changing. Only recently has the Sarmatian Commonwealth granted true democracy for all its citizens, while closeby Ussura is on the brink of civil war. All the while the Vodacce princes continue their power struggle against one another despite losing influence to the upcoming Vesten trade merchants. The eastern portions of Theah seem to be rapidly changing while the western parts of Theah consolidate their power after the end of the War of the Cross.   

It is here on the edge of the entry way to the East do we find our heroes. Not one of them knows of their upcoming role to play in the future of Eastern Theah. However change is coming to Theah and our heroes will be swept up in these events whether they are ready for it or not. 

Hoist the sails, polish the swords, and aim your pistols true. For this is 7th Sea!  

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7th Sea 2nd Edition: An Unexpected Uprising

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